by Vera Valk, Stockholm, Sweden

by Vera Valk, Stockholm, Sweden

We are looking for new influencers!

28 Aug, 2018

by Vera Valk, Stockholm, Sweden

GLXY is growing rapidly and we are currently the fastest growing social network for LGBTQs in Europe. The biggest growth is in the age range of 14 to 20.

Our website and our apps are aimed at young people who are tired of the traditional LGBTQ websites where the vast majority of its members are 40 to 60 years old.

We at GLXY know that most young people are rather annoyed when receiving messages from older people who ignore the age preference mentioned on their profiles. That’s why we at GLXY have filters for you to choose which age group you are interested in and able to completely block individuals outside your desired age group or gender from contacting you.

The traditional sites would never dare to do anything like that, and the reason is simple. If older people were not able to contact younger ones, they’d lose interest in the sites and stop paying for their plus membership.

GLXY is completely free to use, and we do not have any additional features for a fee.

As announced earlier, we are currently making a completely new version of the website, as well as the app. The re-writing started in October 2017 and is scheduled to be launched in a couple of months.

Would you be interested to be one of our influencers and boost traffic to GLXY from your Instagram, Facebook or other LGBTQ sites where you can mention GLXY and make people interested in our platform?

We currently have 8 influencers working for us. The best ones are already making thousands of euros!

Interested? Then we’d like to hear from you! We pay very well for each new member you get us.

For more information, contact me by message or by email: vera @ wydal . com.

Vera Valk,
Project Manager,
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