Fraudulent accounts

04 Nov, 2018
As we are contentiously growing worldwide, we are now experiencing issues that we previously were spared for; fraudulent accounts, spam, and bots. All our big competitors have dealt with them for years, and now it seems like they've discovered GLXY.

If someone contacts you and wants to continue the chat on another platform, then be cautious and report the matter to us.

We take these matters seriously and remove the accounts as soon as we are aware of them.

GLXY is by all standards a very safe website to use, and we will take appropriate measures to fight the scammers. Just remember to think with your head instead of your genitals as these scammers often invite you to private cam shows, "all you have to do is to leave your credit card details and upgrade to VIP". If you are not being careful, the individuals behind these accounts can empty your bank account and misuse your identity.

Be careful when you're on the internet and think twice.

In case of questions or concerns, do let us know.