Bug fixes in the app

22 Nov, 2018
We still have a full focus on developing the next version of GLXY's desktop and mobile version. It's a really huge project that started over a year ago, and we have finally come to the end. Later on, we will make a new version of the GLXY app with brand new design and functionality.

We have devoted next week to bug fixes of the current app, but we are in need of your help to figure out which are the major issues you are experiencing in both iOS (iPhone) and Android.

GLXY in its current state was intended for browser and mobile use. The way people are using social media has changed since we started this project, from chatting in browsers to apps. If we would have known this, we would have focused a lot more on the app than on the website.

Once the new website has been launch we will switch our main priority to be app oriented a this is the segment that will grow the most in the future.

Like I mentioned, kindly interact with us and let us know which bug fixes you want us to focus on, and we will, if everything goes according to the plan, launch an updated version by the end of next week.


4 months ago

The app crash sometimes