Me, a lesbian selling sex to men - how did I end up this way?

23 Nov, 2018
Because of an accident many years ago, my girlfriend, the true love of my life, got weaker and weaker and needed more and more help and assistance, not to mention, getting her from appointment to appointment.

For the last two years of her life, she was unable to work and needed me to be at home to take care of her, so I had to step up the game and find a night job that could support the two of us financially.

That's how I started my life as a sex worker. I had another day job with a home office which made it easy to combine taking care of my girlfriend as well as fucking men for money at night.

Luckily for me, I'm not dependent on drugs or alcohol which many, sadly, in this industry are.

I sold sex for as long as it was necessary and until after my girlfriend's funeral to pay for the costs related to it.

I do and did not enjoy sexual intercourses with men, but it was a job like everything else in this world. The local cashier at your local supermarket isn't exactly thrilled for putting herself in such a brain-dead sort of occupation.

At least I chose a job that gave me new and valuable perspectives on how it is to be an independent sex worker. I saved all the money I made and bought myself an apartment for the money I made for putting my anus, pussy, and mouth up for sale. Overall, it was the right decision and the only thing that could have saved me at the point. The alternative would have been for me to kicked out of the apartment I rented at the time.

Sex work itself is not problematic, but the stigma is ruining lives. Because of the sexual moralism that we are still struggling with it in today's society which was introduced to Europe with Christianity.

We have a long way before the disgusting sexual moralism has disappeared, but we can for starts stop looking at sex workers as victims. The vast majority of the girls I met and became friends with were people with recourses, they were clever, smart and had no pimps.

Unlike me, they didn't sell sex because they were poor, but because they didn't understand why they should have a part-time job at some pointless places for a few hours an hour when they could spend half an hour with some horny guy from Tallinn coming to Tartu on a business trip, far away from his wife's sloppy pussy. Such men are treating you nice, uncomplicated, they pay extremely well and they cum within a few minutes.

So think about it, an average blow job pays you more than working full time at McDonald's for two weeks. Anal pays you more than two month's full-time work at the same restaurant.

Brilliant boys and girls can efficiently work in the sex industry. But the statistics aren't exactly on our site: many of these ends up with drug abuse, mental problems and some even get involved in serious crime.

The problem is not that people are selling sex. The problem is the stigma, and that won't go away until we as a society accept sex workers and the way they have chosen to live their life.

I love my job here and GLXY and I no longer have the need to sell sex as my economy finally is back on track. But I know what to do if I would ever find myself in a situation where I would have trouble having ends meet.

Vera Valk is a former, yet very proud sex worker from Tartu, Estonia. Now working as a project manager at GLXY.EU.