What it’s like to have a big dick

23 Nov, 2018
Have you ever heard about a hung dude named Priapus? In Greek mythology, Priapus was the god of fertility, he was strong as a bull, looks that could kill and he was the ultimate alpha male with a monster cock that was permanently hard. No wonder why his opponents were jealous.

If Priapus would have lived today, he would probably have the chance to work for porn companies such as Brazzers or Bel Ami, have tons of fans, money and a self confidence of steel.

For decades, and mainly thanks to pornography, big dicks have been the social norm of a successful life. A big dick equals tons of sex, status both for you and your partner and people who will always envy you for being more superior and more of a man.

So what is it like to have a big dick, and is it really such a big deal? The good news is: not for everyone, there are girls and guys out there who don't care about your size at all. Then there are those who do.

I can't have any guy I want just because of my size, but it's certainly helping. One of my first experiences in a gay club went like this: the dude I found the most attractive was ignoring me the whole night, despite that I tried to smile at him, flirt with him and talk with him. We were at least 3 guys who stood by the dance floor and stared at him dancing. I knew I had to make a decent approach if I wanted to have him, so I walk towards the dance floor with the confidence of a Greek God, grabbed his hands and put it down my pants. He did indeed like my rock hard present, and I brought him back to my place and banged him four times in a row. His ass was so sore the next day that he could barely walk.

Since then, I've always taken advantage of my cock size when finding holes and love.

When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do is to think of my beast and how much more masculine and desirable I am compared to other guys. You'd be surprised if you knew how many boys I've plowed who has a boyfriend who they truly love. It's just that they've gotten addicted to big schlongs and cannot think clearly when they're horny and fantasizing about it.

One of the things I love the most about having a big dick is to show it off and flaunt it in public, especially at the urinal at my university or at airports or clubs. The respect I gain from the guys standing next to me and admiring my size cannot be valued in money.

Size isn't everything, but do keep in mind that only a very few guys are fantasizing about small or average sized cocks. Sorry.

Lars Henrik (25) based in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of GLXY's weekly columnists and can be contacted through his GLXY username, Alpha.


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I can understand why you're so proud!


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Great article