Why we need GLXY

02 Dec, 2018
Take a close look at this gentleman. His name is Tanasije Zugic, and he is a homophobe. Because of homophobes, millions of LGBTQ people all over the world are suffering. They are victims of hate speech, violence, bullying, murders and suicides.

We have an ongoing Instagram campaign running, and Tanasije Zugic felt the need to make many hateful remarks on his thoughts on gay men.

What's fascinating is that our campaigns only are targeted at LGBTQ individuals, whereas one has to be interested in LGBTQ related themes even to see these ads.

One of Tanasije Zugic's comments stated the following: "Two gays are in wc and after one of them finish, he showed him his shit and said: honey, take look at our beautifull kind"

I guess Mr. Zugic simply forgot that heterosexual individuals also are having anal sex, or that anal is the number one theme that's being searched for on porn websites such as Pornhub. I guess Zugic and people of his kind only think that anal is disgusting and repulsive when homosexuals are engaging in anal sex.

Why are these homophobes so hung up on what kind of sex people of other sexual orientations are practicing anyway?

We shall not under any circumstances tolerate hate speech. We're outing Mr. Zugic in public just because it's the most effective reaction we can give him.

It's somewhat likely that Tanasije Zugic thinks twice before he fucks with gay people on the internet.

We at GLXY are known to fight back. Keep that in mind when people, such s future employers, and others are googling your name. Thanks to our SEO experts, this article will be the first on Google's list to appear.


8 months ago