Trump's Destruction of Transgender Rights in the United States

04 Dec, 2018
President Barack Obama ushered in a new era for the LGBT community.

The Obama Administration legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, enabled protection laws for transgender men and women using public bathrooms, allowed members of LGBT to serve openly in the military, etc.

On January 20th, 207, Donald Trump became the President of the United States. Since he's been elected, it has been a bumpy ride for LGBT americans.

During his campaign, Trump attempted to win over our community by remaining neutral on the subject of same-sex marriage. He never mentioned trying to overturn Obama's act, but he never said he wouldn't.

Soon after he became President, Trump banned transgender men and women from serving in the United States military completely. He stated on Twitter that the United States military couldn't afford the "tremendous medical costs and disruption."

Transgender men and women serving in the military were torn from their service, and other transgender folk were not permitted to join the armed forces.
This was one of the most devastating acts that Donald Trump enabled, and it affected thousands of transgender Americans.

Trump later rolled back protections for transgender students who used the same bathroom as their identified gender. He stated that "it was up to the States to decide". Unfortunately, many States took advantage over this choice, and rolled back any protection transgender students had, another act the Obama Administration put into place.

HIV and AIDS in the LGBT community goes unrecognized by Trump's organization, and there are less protections available for our community under his presidency.

While same-sex marriage is still legal in the United States, many worry that it will soon be rescinded, and that Donald Trump will make things even harder for gay/lesbian/bisexual individuals to get married.

Many LGBT Americans admit that they don't feel safe in this country anymore. This is heartbreaking news, as just a few years ago, things were lookely very shapely for the community when Obama ran the country. We were all started to look forward to a progressive future.

As Trump spurs more and more hate speech against LGBT, many of his followers are walking in his footsteps, becoming more violent and hateful towards LGBT individuals.
Just recently, Trump announced that under his law, transgender individuals could not change their gender marker on their identification cards anymore.

This was also very devastating, as the transgender community burst in an uproar saying, "We will not be erased!"

It was a moment of unity for transgender individuals, when we all stoof together and refused to be recognized by our government.

We have come so far, and it is all falling apart again, thanks to Donald Trump. We will continue to counterattack every bad thing that is headed our way. The transgender community in the United States is one of incredible strength and unity, and we will not be shut down.